“Mojito Drink Recipe”

“Mojito Drink Recipe”

To cool down in summer, there are many types of drinks which people drink with great enthusiasm. One such drink is Mojito. Go to eat at a hotel or restaurant. So many people like to drink mojito. This is such a soft drink, which people like very much. Drinking this gives great coolness to the mind. It is a healthy drink. If you want, you can easily make and drink mojito at home. If guests are coming to your house and you want to serve them a fun drink, then you can make mojito instantly.

Know what things you will need to make mojito and how you can prepare it. Today we are going to share mojito drink recipe with you. Mojito is a summer drink. Mojito drink recipe is very easy to make and its ingredients are easily available at home. If you ever feel like having a cold drink in summer, you can also try this mojito drink recipe.


3 cups water
one and a half cup sugar
2 cups finely chopped mint
Lemon Sherbet 2 cups
2 cups lime juice
Club Soda 8 Cups
Lemon slices to garnish


  • To make Mojito, take two cups of water.
  • Now add sugar in it and mix it well. If we dissolve sugar in lukewarm water then sugar will dissolve easily.
  • After the sugar dissolves, cut the mint leaves we have and put them in water.
  • Filter out the mint leaves and separate the remaining water.
  • Put mint leaves in water with dissolved sugar and keep it for some time.
  • Add mint water and mix it well.
  • You put soda and ice cubes in it
  • Now our hotel like Mojito is ready.
  • ow you can garnish it with lemon slices.
  • serve in glasses.

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